Spring Migration – Part 2

Finally got to put this post together. These are birds seen in and around NYC. Some are from our northern and eastern suburbs. Many are from Central Park. If you’ve never birded there during both […]

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Spring Migration – Part 1 – Warblers

When my wife Sandy and I used to travel around the US and Canada chasing after birds we would inevitably be asked the same question. “Being such avid birders why do you live in NYC?” Our answer […]

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Long-tailed Duck (Oldsquaw) ID Query

Something I’ve observed with many bird photographers is that they prefer to photograph nothing more than adult male birds regardless of species. On the other hand I strive to capture every plumage I can. Here […]

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Timing is Everything

Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes not. Went out to the Shinnecock Inlet about 90 miles east of Manhattan where I live. My good friend, Harry Maas (president of NYC Audubon) was kind enough to […]

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Some Random Thoughts

Thinking about the last post, “Birders Vs Photographers” some interesting things came to mind. An awful lot of birders are quickly adding photography to their hobby/passion. Most of them haven’t turned to the dark side. […]

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Birders vs. Photographers

Having been a birder for 30 years and a serious photographer for the last ten I can be objective in the battle between birder and photographer. An appearance of a Snowy Owl usually makes this […]

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November Pelagic Trip

On 11/24/13 I had the both the pleasure and displeasure  of going on a Sea Life Paulagic trip out of Freeport, NY. First the displeasure. As many of you know, I don’t do very well […]

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My Book

Kevin, Scott and I are very proud of the book. It’s available from 

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